Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for sound planning and effective traffic management to improve the Route 59 corridor and thus, the community of Ramapo. 

Who We Are

Improve59 is an organization comprised of business leaders, community groups and concerned citizens working together to envision the “Route 59 of the future.” We are actively seeking to engage community members and public officials about ways to advocate for this cause.

Frimet Bando

Eliezer Berger, Monsey

Shoshana Bernstein, Monsey

Garrett Bolella, Rye

Joe Brachfeld, Wesley Hills

Chaskel Bronner, Spring Valley

Michael Clifford, Newburgh

Moty Deblinger, Monsey

Golby Deblinger, Monsey

Joel Fried

Stan Friedland

Estee Friedman, Spring Valley

Yankele Friedmann, Monsey

Philip Furgang

Benjamin Gamoran, Spring Valley

Sharon Gaston

Mike Gaydos

Moshe Goldklang, Spring Valley

Esther Goldstein, Rockland County

Eileen Grossman, Spring Valley

Zev Hagler, Airmont

Gretta Haren, Pear River

Moshe Holender, Airmont

Abraham Jacobowitz, Monsey

Ryan Karben

Greg Lalavee

Moe Lehmann, Monsey

Brendel Logan-Charles

Vince Monte, New York

Tim Muller

Shimon Neuman, Monsey

Molly Oster, Monsey

Stephen Reich, Rockland County

Chavy Ruttner, Monsey

Rivky Schenk, Monsey

Richard Sena, Haverstraw

Tony Sharan

Jack Sullivan

Michael Tauber, Monsey

Mayer Wertheimer, Monsey

William Schlicher

Jennyfer Chavarria

Shulem Kish, Spring Valley

Elly Egenberg, Montebello

Joshua Friedmann

Get Involved To Improve59

With just ONE CLICK, you can tell our public officials how important it is to Improve59! The bold plan for the “Rt. 59 of the Future” demands state investment and local action. Together we can make an impact!